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GNF Cleaning has experience in many areas of cleaning services however over the years we have adapted to changing requests from clients. Below is a short summary of some of the specialist services we provide and how they could benefit you.

GNF Cleaning Elgin - Commercial & Contract Cleaning in Elgin, Moray, Grampian and the Highlands


The window cleaning industry has been predominately led by the use of Reach and Wash systems over the last few years for a multitude of reasons. Reach and Wash systems use de-ionised water which absorbs all dirt and grime from the glazing upon contact achieving a successful clean and the de-ionised water dries clear on the glass. The lack of chemicals is not only environmentally friendly but also proves cost effective for the client. The Reach and Wash system cleans not only the glazing but also the frames, soffits and facia of the building producing the best possible finish. At GNF Cleaning we have a variety of different systems, reaching a variety height making almost any building achievable while improving the general safety of operatives as it removes the need to work at height. This system is quicker than the traditional window cleaning methods used in the past passing on a cost saving to our clients while minimising disruption to your business. If you would like more information for how Reach and Wash could be used to enhance your building, please get in contact with us for a free quotation.

GNF Cleaning Elgin - Commercial & Contract Cleaning in Elgin, Moray, Grampian and the Highlands

GNF Cleaning has many years of experience in the provision in a variety of cleaning services within the construction industry enjoying positive working relationships with many businesses. We act as a cleaning partner throughout the construction process providing ongoing site cleaning, including site offices, compounds, welfare facilities, canteens and locker rooms. Over the years we have gained vast amounts of experience working with contractors through the construction stages through to building completion, on hand for a variety of post construction cleaning services for almost any form of build. The provision of builders cleans, sparkle cleans and external cleaning services requires a reliable and flexible approach which can adapt to changing circumstances but still achieve strict deadlines. At GNF Cleaning we work alongside other trades to ensure the completion of the project is 100% to the client’s satisfaction providing the highest possible standards of cleaning, so you can rest assured when hand over comes, you and your clients will not be disappointed.

Scotland has seen a sharp increase in the number of both commercial and domestic properties installing solar panels. Solar panels prove both environmentally and financially beneficial however if panels are not cleaned regularly their output will reduce overtime. Solar panels have an upward angle to maximise the amount of light that it can collect however this leaves it vulnerable to bird droppings and a build of general dirt which does not wash off with the rain. This reduces the surface area of the panel which can receive the light therefore reducing the output of the panel. Manufacturers and installers recommend that you should clean your panels every six months to achieve the projected energy figures which are based on optimum performance of the system. It is understood that the cleaning of solar panels can improve the energy output by up to 30% if maintained regularly. It is not recommended by manufacturers to clean solar panels with chemicals as they will create a sticky film over the surface of the panel attracting dust and dirt, reducing their efficiency. Utilising our Reach and Wash systems, GNF Cleaning can successfully clean solar panels without the need to access your roof. Achieving heights up to 52 ft and with IPAF training to allow lifting equipment to be used for building which are taller, we are fully equipped to maximise the efficiency of your solar panel installation.

GNF Cleaning Elgin - Commercial & Contract Cleaning in Elgin, Moray, Grampian and the Highlands